Nightingale Housing tours

Nightingale Housing is excited to announce that tours of the first Nightingale building, Nightingale 1, will commence in March.

Nightingale 1 was the first multi-residential complex built using the Nightingale model. Its revolutionary approach to financial, environmental and social sustainability sets the benchmark for how we should construct places for people to live in the future.

We offer tours for generally interested public, and private tours for architecture firms, universities, council, government and developers.  

If you are interested in a private tour of Nightingale 1, fill out this form and a Nightingale Housing staff member will be in touch.

Nightingale Housing public tours start in March. 

Nightingale tours are available on the first Thursday of the month at 10am and last for 30–45 minutes. Tours are limited to 20 people and cost $20 per person. Each tour will be led by a Nightingale Housing or Breathe Architecture staff member.

You can book online here.