Nightingale Housing tours

We offer scheduled tours to the general public, as well as private tours for architecture firms, universities, councils, government, and other interested groups.

The tours cover the common shared spaces and rooftop of Nightingale 1 in Brunswick and wherever possible will include an apartment visit. We can only offer these tours due to the generous support of Nightingale 1 residents and Owners Corporation.

Nightingale public tours are led by an architecture student and run every Thursday at 10am for 45 minutes. They are  limited to 15 people, cost $20 plus booking fee per person and must be pre-booked online here.

Nightingale private tours run every Thursday at 2pm for one hour. Tours are limited to 15 people and cost $500 plus booking fee per tour. Tours led by an architect may be arranged at an additional cost. Private tours must be pre-booked online here.

Half of all income from ticket sales go to the Nightingale 1 Owners Corporation and includes a contribution to the residents of apartments visited on the tour, and the remaining half goes to Nightingale Housing to contribute to the cost of running the tours.

Please note these tours are not suitable for small children or animals.