Nightingale Housing supports the creation of the homes of the future, built for people, not profit.

The Nightingale model is a new housing development model that aims to change the way housing is delivered in our cities. Nightingale Housing provides support and processes enabling architects to use the Nightingale model to construct housing that is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Announcing Nightingale Village, a precinct for people on Duckett St in Brunswick that will build seven new buildings using the principles of the Nightingale model.

Nightingale Village

We’re no longer happy with changing our cities one building at a time – we want to do more.

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Our projects

Location—Brunswick, MELB
Architects—Breathe Architecture
Prices—$415,000 to $690,000


Location—Fairfield, MELB
Architects—Six Degrees Architects
Prices—$415,000 to $690,000

Location—Brunswick, MELB
Architects—Austin Maynard Architects
Prices—$415,000 to $690,000

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Together we can change the future of our cities for the better.

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