Nightingale Housing is a not-for-profit social enterprise that exists to support, promote and advocate for high-quality housing that is ecologically, socially, financially sustainable.


Through our work with architects, project managers and purchasers, we aim to: 

1. Advance environmental sustainability through design (including sustainable transport options);

2. Build social connection, connection to services and community management;

3. Contribute positively to neighbourhoods and urban culture through quality urban design;

4. Promote affordability by providing access to housing purchase at below market price;

5. Minimise the on-going costs of living in the housing through design;

6. Educate designers, potential home owners and the public in deliberative development and sustainable housing models; and

7. Involve groups of purchasers in cooperative / syndicate / collective planning and participation.

We work with:


We license the Nightingale model to architects and consortiums committed to better, more sustainable urban housing. We provide support through the process of leading a development, and working with purchasers to provide quality, deliberatively designed housing that benefits the community.

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We know that many people want more affordable, sustainable and well designed housing options. We create the link between purchasers and architects to make sure new homes are designed for the community with the community. 


We believe our communities deserve better urban spaces. That's why we advocate for housing that makes a positive neighbourhood contribution, and we educate people and councils to help them understand the financial, social and environmental benefits of truly sustainable housing.

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