One of Nightingale's primary goals is to help home buyers find high-quality, environmentally and financially sustainable housing. We act as a facilitator between Nightingale projects and purchasers, providing the opportunity to contribute to the design and development process so housing can be designed by the community, for the community.

We value transparency, and we believe working with the future home owner is essential in building resilient, sustainable and connected communities.

How does it work?

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Priority allocation

Nightingale recognises that some groups find it harder to access quality housing within the current market, and that their contribution to society is critical for cohesive communities. 20% of housing in Nightingale projects is prioritised for:

  • Key Service Workers: police officers, teachers, nurses, firefighters and ambulance officers*
  • Individuals with a disability or registered full-time carers
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

The Nightingale purchaser waiting list

Demand for high-quality, sustainable, affordable housing that makes a positive community contribution is high—and that's a great thing. We have an incredible group of Nightingale project teams working hard to deliver new housing, but the process from finding the right site to settlement can take a number of years. Three years is an average timeframe from a project's start to finish, but it can vary a lot depending on a project's conditions.

If you're a prospective purchaser —and you're happy to come along on the project ride —we'd love for you to join our community.

Join the purchaser waitlist

*Definition of Key Service Worker adopted from Bankwest: Property pain – key workers struggle in capital cities (2011). These are essential service occupations that face affordability challenges in most metropolitan regions.