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The Nightingale Village is a future precinct on Duckett Street in Brunswick; it will be built by seven award-winning architects using the social, environmental and financial sustainability principles of the Nightingale model. 

There's never been anything else like it before. 

The Nightingale Village on Duckett Street is an unprecedented opportunity to build the Nightingale model principles of financial, environmental and social sustainability across an entire street.

It’s not an urban experiment, but a chance to change the way housing is built on a wider scale and to create smart, deliberate and liveable density.

Location—Duckett Street, Brunswick
Development managers—Fontic, urBAU

Architecture Architecture
Austin Maynard Architects
Breathe Architecture
Clare Cousins Architects
Kennedy Nolan
WOWOWA Architecture                                                                                 

We will be holding a Nightingale Village information session in late January — sign up to the Nightingale Community list to stay informed