We need your help

To our dear Nightingale community,

Moreland City Council is currently considering our Nightingale Village planning application and taking feedback. You've been in the trenches fighting with us so you know how important this stage is!

Could you help us out by sending an email with your support for Nightingale Village?  We've tried to make it as easy as possible, simply scroll down - we've created a sample letter of support in case you need some assistance, feel free to cut and paste the text below, but remember to add your personal perspective.
However you want to do it, please do it as soon as possible!

Should you wish to view the Village plans submitted to Council, please go to www.moreland.vic.gov.au, follow the prompts to the planning page and search for file number MPS/2018/362

If you have any questions, drop us an email at [email protected]

Thank you kindly, 
Nightingale Housing

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Moreland City Council - Nightingale Village Letter of Support  [email template]

Send to: [email protected]
Cc: South Ward Councilors – [email protected] (Cr Jess Dorney, Cr Mark Riley, Cr Lambros Tapinos)
Subject line: ATTN: Statutory Planning | Letter of Support | MPS/2018/362 | Nightingale Village

Site Address: 1,3,5,7,8,9, 10, 12 Duckett St, 11 West Street and 24-26 Hope St
Please insert your name, address and telephone number here

Please insert a statement explaining your reasons for supporting the development
The most effective messages of support are personalised - we recommend focusing on:
I support the proposed development because XX
I support the prioritisation of architectural integrity and sustainability over profit because XX
I support the broad net community benefits that will be provided to the Brunswick as a result of this development because XX
I support the current proposal because it will enable the development to provide 20% of housing to Community Housing Provider which is important to me because XX

Simply use the template email below & add your personal perspective

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to voice my support for the proposed Nightingale Village in Duckett, West & Hope Street. I believe that the approval of the proposed development will enable Moreland City Council to demonstrate to its existing and future residents that it prioritises fossil-fuel free,community-driven development.
The Moreland Planning Scheme and best practice planning seek to ensure that as our communities change and evolve we are able to address the needs of both the current and future residents. I believe that this proposal appropriately responds to the existing site context and will result in significant improvement. As a resident of (Brunswick/Moreland), I would like to see more apartments that provide communal spaces, focus on the facilitation of building communities and use materials that will age well within the existing site context.
I support the proposed car share arrangement. I support the notion that addressing congestion will not occur if we continue to incentivise driving by providing car parking, I support the Nightingale ambition of seeing a complete shift in transport modes over the coming decade.
I support the current yield as a means to provide 20% housing to be sold to Community Housing Providers. I believe we should be encouraging and supporting other developments to continue with this. I support the Nightingale model of providing housing at cost and believe that should be an important consideration in Moreland support the planning permit proposal.
I believe that this development will make a positive contribution to the eclectic and diverse environment of Brunswick. I encourage Moreland City Council to support this development.

Please insert your name here