We aim to transform the way that multi-residential housing is talked about and delivered in our cities.

We do this by licensing the Nightingale Model to like-minded architects. This is a model that puts people, not profit, as the focus of development. It's a revolutionary model that shouldn't be revolutionary, because it's common sense.

Here are seven things that are different about the Nightingale Model.

  1. We only sell our apartments to owner-occupiers.

  2. We involve potential occupants in the design from the beginning.

  3. We build apartments that are environmentally sustainable – our apartments don't even need air-conditioning.

  4. We only support developments that have been designed by architects.

  5. We build apartments that will foster community within the building and on a street level.

  6. We cap profits for investors.

  7. We don't market our properties or include unnecessary features, which makes our apartments 5–10% more affordable than equivalent developments.


Some of the Nightingale projects already underway.

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We license the Nightingale model to architects and consortiums committed to better, more sustainable urban housing. We provide support through the process of leading a development, working to provide quality, design-led housing that benefits the owner and local community.

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We know that many people want more affordable, environmentally sustainable and well-designed housing options. We cut out the middleman and create the link between purchasers and Nightingale-licensed projects. As a potential purchaser, we want you to be involved in our buildings from the beginning.   


We believe our communities deserve better urban spaces. That's why we advocate for housing that makes a positive neighbourhood contribution, and we educate people and councils to help them understand the financial, social and environmental benefits of truly sustainable housing.

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