Nightingale 3


Led by Austin Maynard Architects, Nightingale 3 will make its home at 209 Sydney Road, in the heart of the vibrant and diverse Brunswick community. 

Austin Maynard Architects and Nightingale 3 Investment Pty Ltd have been issued a licence to develop the Nightingale model on this exciting site. Their aim is to provide quality urban housing by simplifying and humanising both the development process and the building itself. The site is close to community hubs, educational institutions and retail precincts. Three major supermarkets, a host of fantastic food and entertainment venues (including The Cornish Arms, Host, Howler and The Spotted Mallard) are within walking distance. The majority of purchasers in this vertical community are enthusiastic about using the existing sustainable transport infrastructure as their only mode of transport – including trains, trams, cycling and car share.

Project Details
Site / 209 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC
Status / Planning
Apartments / 20

Project Team
Architects / Austin Maynard Architects
Accessibility / Architecture & Access
Building Surveyor / Steve Watson & Partners
Civil Engineer / Vistek Engineered Solutions
Development Manager / Armitage Jones
Environmentally Sustainable Design / IrwinConsult
Land Surveyor / Reeds Consulting
Landscape Architect / OPENWORK
Services Engineer / Lucid Consulting Australia
Traffic Engineer / Ratio
Quantity Surveyor / Napier & Blakeley
Structural Engineer / Vistek Engineered Solutions
Town Planner / Hansen Partnership
Owner / Tony Patton