Nightingale Village FAQ

How does the balloting process work?

There will be a six week rolling balloting process for each apartment building with the following process for each:

  1. Tour of architect’s prior works (optional)
  2. Small group meetings with architect and access to balloting information (mandatory)
  3. Ballot
  4. Successful & benched balloters informed
  5. Collect non-refundable Balloting Commitment Fee

When will the buildings be balloted?

Note these dates are subject to change and the timing of balloting for individual buildings has no bearing on when they will be completed. Depending on planning permit application decisions, The Village is due to be completed late 2020/early 2021.

2018 Breathe Architecture
2019 Hayball
2019 Kennedy Nolan
2019 Clare Cousins Architects
2019 Austin Maynard Architects

How much is the non-refundable balloting commitment fee?

Upon successfully balloting and apartment allocation acceptance, purchasers will be required to make a non-refundable payment of $5,000 for Nightingale Model apartments or a $10, 000 payment for Baugruppen apartments.

Note: the Baugruppen commitment fee is slightly higher as there will be Stamp Duty implications if a resident pulls out and needs to be replaced

Do I have to attend the building tours and individual information sessions in order to ballot?

Although we would highly recommend attending a building tour, this is not compulsory to ballot. It is however mandatory to attend the individual information session to ballot in a building. If you are overseas we will explore other options to engage you at this stage of the process.

What information will I be given to help me decide to ballot or not?

Prior to balloting you will be provided with background documentation including a purchaser brochure, detailed floor plans and balloting information including indicative price ranges. This will provide you with the information you require to make an informed decision.

Can I ballot in multiple building ballots?

Yes, the balloting will be staggered - if you aren’t successful in one ballot you will be able to participate in the next building ballot. If you are successful in receiving an apartment allocation you will no longer be able ballot in subsequent ballots and are required to pay your non-refundable balloting commitment fee. Under no circumstances will we negotiate apartment swaps.

In order to increase the chances of being chosen in the ballot is it better to ballot for one or multiple apartments?

You can ballot for as many apartments as you like, however each person is only allowed one successfully balloted apartment. Please only ballot for the apartments you are prepared to purchase - if you are successfully balloted an apartment and decline it, you will be blacklisted and not allowed to ballot for any further apartments.

What if I want my friends/family to have an apartment near me?

We cannot guarantee that people will have access to any specific apartments.

When will I get the ballot form?

You will get access to balloting information including a balloting form via a website after attending the small group individual information session. You will be given a few weeks to review the documentation before being asked to ballot.

Do I have to be at the ballot night?

No, this is done by Nightingale Housing staff and is not attended by potential purchasers. Interested Purchasers will email their ballot form to the Nightingale Village specific email which will be issued at the time of balloting. Successful balloters will be notified via phone and email within 24 hours of balloting.

What if I am overseas during balloting?

You do not have to be present during balloting and your ballots must be returned to us via email, however you must be contactable to accept the offer should you be balloted.

How soon after balloting will I know if I am successful?

We will aim to contact people within 24 hours of the ballot. Successful balloters will then be given five business days to pay the non-refundable Balloting Commitment Fee.

When can I see all individual plans for each building?

Individual building and apartment plans will be release by the architects at the individual building nights as per the balloting time line. The sessions are designed to be in informative and interactive, not only will you receive more building details, but you will be able to engage directly with the architects.

For further information please see Nightingale Housing FAQ