Our Logo




The logo is designed with a transparent background so it can overlay an image, if you like. Just make sure it's light, clean and not too busy.


Also, make sure it has a nice amount of space around it to avoid overcrowding. Have a look at the height of the letters in NIGHTINGALE when you place the logo. Make sure there's the same amount of space between the image and any text, other logos or designs.


We like to keep things fairly minimalistic (you guessed it!), so please don't add anything on top of our logo.


Instead, you can use our logo alongside yours when you're talking about your Nightingale project.


Talking About Nightingale


Chances are, people will be really interested to hear about your Nightingale project. Whether you're presenting to students or talking to the media, we have a few tips that might help you discuss your Nightingale project in the right way.

  • Our homepage gives you a few basic paragraphs on what Nightingale as a social enterprise is all about. Feel free to reuse our language to describe how you work with us.
  • The about page tells you how the Nightingale Model works, and you can use this to describe the process for your Nightingale project. What's more, we contextualise why we're doing what we're doing — so you can find some important statistics on the state of housing, the benefits of Nightingale and the future of cities that you might like to use to explain why you're doing a Nightingale project.
  • We license architects to use the Nightingale model and our intellectual property, but it's not a competition. We issue licenses to firms that share our values and are committed to better housing.
  • We're not developers, you're not a developer (unless you are receiving the majority of the capped project profit) and we don't hate developers. But we do believe we can create more environmentally, financially and socially sustainable housing than what the development market currently produces. We believe that the current housing model isn't working for the majority of people, and we need architects and the community to lead the change.
  • All Nightingale buildings are different and the designs respond directly to what the local community and future home owners need. We don't mandate that projects must be car-free or have a shared laundry. What's common across all Nightingale buildings is that they use the same process and systems to listen to what owner-occupiers want and create a design response accordingly.
  • Finally, if you receive media requests about your Nightingale project, give us a heads up and feel free to ask for support in preparing responses.

Ask us. We promise we won't bite.

If you ever need advice, don't hesitate to post in the Nightingale Slack group or contact [email protected]. We're here to support you, and we're happy to help.