Property owners can partner with Nightingale projects to develop their land into housing that offers good financial returns and has positive outcomes for the neighbourhood.

Nightingale projects seek land in areas that offer walking-distance access to facilities, services and public transport, and can accommodate medium- to high-density housing within the existing planning scheme. Land owners have the option to be a project partner and reside in the new Nightingale building.

Tony Patton in Kinki Gerlinki

Tony Patton – Nightingale champion

Tony Patton is the man who made Austin Maynard Architects’ Nightingale 3 possible. Tony owns a site on Sydney Road in Brunswick, currently home to his shop, Kinki Gerlinki. He’s been approached by traditional developers many times over the past few years, who offered him a lot of money for his land. But Tony didn’t want the sale of his land to result in a poor outcome for his beloved Brunswick. Instead, he sold his land to Austin Maynard Architects at a fair market rate, with the proviso that he would get to live in the building and that his shop, Kinki Gerlinki, will occupy one of the commercial spaces on Sydney Road. This is a great outcome for Nightingale Housing, Austin Maynard Architects, Tony, and the community of Brunswick.

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