Land acquisition


James Davidson Architect 

x Austin Maynard Architects


 As Brisbane’s urban footprint continues to expand outwards and upwards, James Davidson Architect believes a new way of thinking is necessary to house the city's growing population. Using the Nightingale model, their aim is to produce a well-designed, sustainable and community-orientated alternative for urban housing that focuses on liveability and affordability in Brisbane's subtropical environment.

The Brisbane housing market has widely rejected densification; James Davidson Architect aims to lead the way and show homebuyers that it is possible to not only retain a high standard of living in a higher density environment, but do this in an ethical way that benefits the community. This is a key design driver of their proposal: to capture the qualities of Brisbane's traditional housing vernacular – the 'Queenslander' – and reinterpret them in a multi-residential dwelling.

James Davidson Architect will be collaborating with Austin Maynard Architects to create Brisbane's first Nightingale project. They hope to make a positive contribution to their own neighbourhood, making it a safer, more inclusive and family-friendly community. 



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