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Architecture Media: Our Houses - Andrew Maynard


Andrew Maynard, Austin Maynard Architects

As part of Architecture Media's Our Houses series, Andrew Maynard will be speaking in Perth about his design Mills House. Sustainability is at its core, maximising natural light and air. The openings and windows have been designed to optimise passive solar gain, drastically reducing demands on mechanical heating and cooling; windows are double glazed; white roofs drastically reduce urban heat sink and heat transfer internally; a need for air-conditioning is eliminated through active management of shade, and passive ventilation; a large water tank has been buried central within the lightwell; all roof water is captured and reused to flush toilets and water the garden. high performance insulation is everywhere, even in the walls of the original house; where possible, AMA has sourced local trades, materials and fittings; and solar panels with micro-inverters cover the new roof.