High-quality design
Experience delivering high-quality design outcomes including creative solutions to design problems

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Project management
A good understanding of project management principles and successful management of a multi-disciplinary project team in the past

A multi-residential project
Previous experience, or a good understanding of designing multi-residential projects


Property development
Some understanding of the operations and requirements of property development

Environmental sustainability
A strong vision for enhancing environmental sustainability through design, including designing to encourage sustainable transport behaviour of residents


Long term-affordability
Demonstrated commitment to minimising the ongoing costs of living in housing through design, and displays dedication towards minimising operational costs over the life of the development


Social connection
A strong understanding of designing for social connection, connection to services, and community


Demonstrated commitment to share their experience, educate other designers, purchasers, and the general community in deliberative development and sustainable housing models

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Contribution to neighbourhoods and positive urban design
Architect has outlined a vision for how the multi-residential building will constribute towards the local neighbourhood in which it is located, and deliver positive urban design outcomes


Deliberative development
Applicant understands the opportunities to engage with the future residents to help mould the outcome to suit their needs. The applicant demonstrates why they believe this is a strength of the project