What is the Nightingale model?

The Nightingale model is a set of systems and processes for housing provision. The model exists to enables licensed architects to develop Nightingale buildings using the learnings and interrogations of architects who have previously developed Nightingale buildings.


Capped project profits

Designed to reduce operating and maintenance costs

Removal of unnecessary inputs, e.g. marketing activities and display suites

Covenant on resale to ensure affordability is passed on


Transparent project costs to investors and purchasers

Transparent governance and decision-making processes


100% fossil fuel free building operations, e.g. via an embedded energy network

Minimum 7.5 star NatHERS thermal rating

Water harvesting and productive gardens


Meaningful and informed participation from future home owners across the project, from design through to settlement

Purchasers given real cost information during the design process to support informed decisions


Contribution back to the local urban community through the creation of connected communities, active street frontages, fine-grain and tactile pedestrian experience for passers-by, and engagement with tenants who can provide 'third spaces'